Sublime 3 Text: My Sublime 3 Setup

My Sublime 3 Setup

Just in case my Sublime 3 is going to get under, I am going to list add-ons I am using.

As I said at the very beginning, this blog:

  • is more for myself to get stuff etched somewhere, in case I am in need of s refresh
  • is so I can record results of Laravel 5 vivisection

I noticed, that if I write down what I am learning / testing, I remember it better.

Of course, if you are reading it and you want to use it – you are welcome.



  1. All Autocomplete
  2. All FileName
  3. DocBlockr
  4. Html-Css-Js Prettify
  5. Laravel 5 Snippets
  6. Laravel Blade Highlighter (but this is mostly taken care by modified pre-dawn theme)
  7. Laravel Helper Completion
  8. Local History
  9. Package Control (native)
  10. PHP Faker Completions
  11. Predawn customized theme
  12. Boxy Tomorrow theme
  13. SnippetsJP – more here (this is not an external add-on, but custom snippets made as I go)

setup1 setup2



  • user preferences:

  • user key bindings