Laravel Macros

Laravel 5: Macros

You can add functionality Laravel does not have out of the box by using Macros

Macro is defined in service provider.

I created a separate one for macros.

Note: macro takes argument, like this:

Now, we can use it in overriden in \app middleware CheckForMaintenanceMode and allow people connecting from some IPs (like some developer), to have access to a system in maintenance, thus being able to fix things:

Here is what’s macroable:


  • Cache
  • File
  • Lang
  • Request
  • Response
  • Route
  • URL

Illuminate Classes

  • Illuminate\Cache\Repository
  • Illuminate\Console\Scheduling\Event
  • Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Builder
  • Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Relation
  • Illuminate\Database\Query\Builder
  • Illuminate\Filesystem\Filesystem
  • Illuminate\Foundation\Testing\TestResponse
  • Illuminate\Http\RedirectResponse
  • Illuminate\Http\Request
  • Illuminate\Http\UploadedFile
  • Illuminate\Routing\ResponseFactory
  • Illuminate\Routing\Router
  • Illuminate\Routing\UrlGenerator
  • Illuminate\Support\Arr
  • Illuminate\Support\Collection
  • Illuminate\Support\Str
  • Illuminate\Translation\Translator
  • Illuminate\Validation\Rule