Laravel 5: Multi-level authorization: quick installation (start here)

How to install EASILY multi-auth in Laravel 5.2

This page will help you to quickly install a multi-authorization on your fresh install of Laravel 5.2. It may work on other versions of Laravel 5, but it is not tested thou.

Laravel 5.3-5.4 – see link below.

Devmarketer Youtube channel

Fast Lane

This easy install will provide you with 3 layer multi-auth: students, tutors and associates. It is easy to remove one, or add another. See Slow Lane below for detailed info how and why things are done.

Install Basic version of Laravel 5.

Download multi-auth files to be merged with your fresh Laravel installation – download multi-auth fileset

Unzip downloaded files and merge with your Laravel installation, overwriting installation files. Multi-auth fileset has proper folder structure for merging.

You must remove a few defunct now files from your Laravel installation – list of files-for-removal

Setup your .env file – find it in multi-auth fileset. You must create empty database. Then you must set database credentials in .env file.

Run migration – migration files are a part of multi-auth fileset, so all you need to do is to run migration command.

Navigate to your Laravel web page in browser. This is what you should see:


You are done.
Your 3 level multi-auth is fully functional.

Slow Lanes