Laravel 5: Startup – Set Environment System Variable Path (windows) for Composer

How to make sure that Composer variable PATH was properly added (windows)

Interface way

Go to Desktop and right click on “This PC” link (it can be labeled My Computer or similar) and select Properties from context menu.



This will get you Control panel subsection.
Once you are there – click on “Advanced System Settings”


Using direct access
  1. click Windows ‘Start’ button on keyboard (it is usually to the left from Space button and had Windows logo on it)
  2. on the left-bottom write: ‘sysdm’ and hit ‘Enter’
  3. open tab: Advanced


Both ways described above will get you “System Properties” – click on “Environment Variables”.



In newly popped in “Environment Variables”, double-click on “Path”



This will bet you another manager, where you can edit Path.



Since, “Variable Value” field is rather small – you may want to consider pasting it to Notepad.
Check, where Laravel installer was installed – in my case it was in:

Add your Laravel installation folder link to Path value string.
Remember, that paths are divided by semicolon.


Important Notes:

You must reboot computer for new Path to be available

You can try relative Path:

instead of absolute path used in example above.: